Privacy Policy


1. General 

1.1. The organization is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the Personal Data of all visitors to this Website who have submitted their personal details. As part of this commitment, we have implemented this Confidentiality (Privacy) Policy to reflect the current needs of our visitors, allowing them to know what information about them we collect, why we collect it, where it goes, and to meet regulatory requirements. Your Personal Data comprises any information about you that identifies you or by which your identity can be reasonably determined. SIA “NIKS", a Latvian company with the registration number 40003029864, is the controller of your Personal Data according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

1.2. SIA “NIKS” (hereinafter - “SPELET.LV” or “we”). The service provided is registration on the SPELET.LV website and the use of any gaming services provided, or the option to refuse registration. 




Registration number: 40003029864

Address: Terbatas street 73, Riga, LV-1001, Latvia

E-mail: [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding the processing of Your Personal Data, please contact us by using the e-mail address mentioned above.



3.1. Your Personal Data is the information that can be used to identify you directly or indirectly, to contact you or locate you as an individual (hereinafter - Your Personal Data). The processed Personal Data categories are as follows:

3.1.1. Registration data: processes your Personal data, that are related to your registration on SPELET.LV: name, surname, date of birth, personal identification number, e-mail address, phone number and any other contact information you have provided, language, user ID, date and time of registration and access, etc (hereinafter - Registration data).

The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, submitted upon registering on SPELET.LV.


3.1.2.  Identification data: processes your Personal Data in order to complete your registration and verify your rights and legal capacity to use the Service: name, surname, user ID, type of identity document (ID), copy of the personal identification document, document validity information, citizenship, address, language, currency, phone number, e-mail address, credit institution account or payment institution account or e-wallet account information, the time for using the Service, etc (hereinafter - Identification data).


The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, submitted upon registering on SPELET.LV and Your Personal Data received from identification service providers.


3.1.3. AML Data: processes Your Personal Data in order to comply with the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism and Proliferation Financing and Law on International Sanctions and National Sanctions of the Republic of Latvia, to identify whether you are a politically exposed person or a person closely related to a politically exposed person, to determine if we can or cannot provide you our Service and to report unusual and suspicious transactions to regulatory authorities: name, surname, date of birth, personal identification number, identification document details, personal transaction details (amount, type of bill, type of transaction), signature, phone number, e-mail address, residence address, a copy of the identification document, information on political status, information on the beneficial owner, source of income and related information, etc (hereinafter - AML data).


The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data that you provide directly to SPELET.LV and Your Personal Data received from the financial and client identification service providers.


3.1.4. Gambling data: processes Your Personal Data, in order to provide you a Service: self-exclusion data, gaming-exclusion data, user ID, currency, current balance, game / tournament ID, seller ID, win amount, payout amount, tournament revenue, lots, gambling history, authorization data, IP-address, gender, contact information, date and time of using the Service, etc (hereinafter - Gambling Data).

The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, received from you or generated while you use the Service, Your Personal Data that we have received from our gambling service providers, Your Personal Data gathered from the databases available to SPELET.LV in relation to providing the Service, including the self-denied person registry. 


3.1.5. Technical data: processes Your Personal data when you visit the website IP address (including the location based on the IP address), access-provider, referring URL, date, time, access codes, session key, browser type and version, operating system, amount and state of transferred data, MAC address, etc (hereinafter - Technical data). 


The source of the processed Personal Data: SPELET.LV website generates or collects the Technical Data from your device automatically while your browsing it. 


3.1.6. Contact data: processes Your Personal Data when you are contacting us using our website chatbot, sending an e-mail or filing a complaint: the content of your message, e-mail address or social media contacts, the contents of the document, etc (hereinafter - Contact Data).

The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, provided by you directly.

3.1.7. Money Data: processes Your Personal Data in order to begin the Service-related money transfers: name, surname, user ID, banking, payment institution number, transaction amount, transaction date and time, etc (hereinafter – money data). 

The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, which you have provided by demanding to perform money transfer, and Your Personal Data received from payment service providers.


3.1.8. Communication Data: processes Your Personal data in means of communication: name, surname, date of birth, contact information, date and time of the communication, Your preferences, etc (hereinafter – communication data). 

The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, which you provide upon registration regarding the choice of communication directly or indirectly (e.g. – using cookies) whilst using the Service.


3.1.9. Customer Support Data: processes Your Personal Data to improve the providing of Services: user ID, gambling turnover, date of using the service, survey information and other Personal Data that you provide, except sensitive data which you have provided, etc (hereinafter – Customer Support data). 

The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, which you provide us with directly or indirectly.


3.1.10. Administrative Data: processes Your Personal Data in order to ensure compliance with the applicable laws on archiving and accounting requirements: name, surname, transaction information, personal identification number, contact information, etc (hereinafter Administrative data). 

The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, which you provide us with while using the Service.


3.1.11. Cookie Data: processes cookies. Please see section “Cookie policy” (paragraph Nr. 9) (hereinafter - Cookie data). 


The source of the processed Personal Data: Your Personal Data, which you provide us with indirectly while browsing our Website 


4. Basis for processing the personal data

Data processing is based on:

4.1. compliance with legal requirements - we have to process Your Personal Data in accordance with applicable law and it is not a matter of choice by you or us whether to obey the compliance with laws; 

4.2. execution of the mutual contract (contracts, general rules, separate rules, etc, between us and you, which you have agreed upon by registering or using the Service;  

4.3. our legitimate interests;

4.4. your consent, with an aim to constantly improve or update our offer for you.


For transparency and convenience, we are indicating the purpose, basis, and categories of processing, with a condition that they are not exhaustive and are provided for convenience only. For any questions, please contact Personal Data Controller.


Purpose of processing

Legal basis


Communication with the customer, customization of the informational content 


Communication data, Cookie data

The registration of a player’s account

The execution of an Agreement

Registration data

Identity, PEP, self-exclusion registry, etc checks

Applicable laws and regulations

Identification data, AML data

Record keeping of the payments

Applicable laws and regulations

Identification data, Gambling data, Money data 

Improvement and development of the Website and the Service

Legitimate interest or your consent

Technical data, Cookie Data, Contact data, Customer support data

Customer support and communication

Legitimate interest

Contact data, Customer support data

User transaction control, AML checks, suspicious transactions  

Applicable laws and regulations

All data

Statistical data analysis

Legitimate interest

Technical data, Cookie data, Gambling data, Customer support data

Data transfers to separate data controllers for receiving verification, payment or other services

Legitimate interest

Technical data, Money data Gambling data, Identification data 

Ensuring the safety of the Service 

Legitime interest

All data

Data transfer within SPELET.LV

Legitime interest, Execution of agreement

All data

Personal data storage in the backup system

Applicable laws and regulations and Legitime interest

All data

Erasure of all personal data

Applicable laws and regulations

All data



5.1. SPELET.LV may sometimes apply automated processing to Your Personal Data, and in the following situations we may apply automated decision making according to the applicable laws and regulations or the mutual agreement:


5.1.1. Verifying your identity and allowance of providing access to the Service upon registration of the player account on website - upon registering to the Service on the Website, we may verify via automated decision whether you meet the criteria for registering the user account and accessing the Service. 

The decision-making process may include analyzing Your Personal Data (birth date (age), personal identification number, nationality, self-exclusion data and gaming-exclusion data) against the statutory allowance requirements. Your Personal Data is usually directly made available by you or gathered from the databases available to in relation to providing the Service (e.g., list of persons with restrictions on gambling). 

As a result of the automated decision your registration and access to the Service is authorized or declined.

5.1.2. User payment verification - according to applicable laws we are obliged to check whether your payment account details match the user account details you have provided for the use of the Service. Data subjects, to which the automated decision making is applicable are the banking, payment institution account details (name, bank account number). Money transfers are completed or declined as a result of the automated decision. 


5.1.3. Compliance with the rules which you have accepted and to which you must adhere to - we analyze your activities on SPELET.LV to detect any activities that breach applicable laws or Service provider rules.


5.1.4. Risk assessment and compliance with the Service rules: we do not allow access to the Service to third parties that are trying to compromise the code, change the gambling software and other referred activities and, thus, apply active measures to avoid the use of scripts, bots and other devices and techniques interfering the fair play and our work. We may analyse your activities on and in the Service. For such analysis we mainly rely on the Technical Data and Gambling Data. We compare the mentioned Personal Data with Your Personal Data previously collected by us or received from third party service providers about you or your device. As a result of the automated decision, SPELET.LV and/or the involved gaming service provider (who processes the mentioned data in in aggregated manner based merely on User ID) may restrict the access to the Service’s functions (e.g., limit maximum bet amounts, etc) even if we have the slightest doubt that the activity is non-compliant. 


5.1.5. Detection of an unfair game in compliance with applicable laws, we might be obligated to detect and deter activities relating to breaching of the law or unfair gaming. SPELET.LV or a fraud prevention service provider compares your device’s online identifiers (e.g., Technical Data, Cookies and Gambling data) with similar types of Your Personal Data previously collected about you or your device used to access the Website. If your account or device is found to be fraudulent or is connected to breaches of law, as a result of an automated decision, SPELET.LV may restrict your access to the Service.


5.1.6.   The automated decisions described above usually take place without an intervention of SPELET.LV employee. You have the right to obtain an intervention of SPELET.LV employee regarding the decision-making process and to express your point of view regarding such decision and contest the decision.



6.1. Your Personal Data shall be stored insofar as reasonably necessary to attain the purposes stated in this Policy, or until the applicable law stipulates that we do so. For example:


6.1.1. AML data – 5 years from the day we terminate the agreement, except Gaming data that are erased after 5 years after their creation.  


6.1.2. Registration data, Identification data and Gambling data – 5 years after you last visit the website 


6.1.3. Money data – 6 years after the transactions of 31 of December, that are registered in that particular year until the 31 of December. 


6.1.4. Communications data – after terminating the agreement, except the particular content of the communication, that is stored for 3 years.


6.1.5. Technical data – the data storage period is 30 days from the moment of the data collection.


6.1.6. All other data – 5 years from the day when they are received. 


6.2. The retention period may be extended after a decision by SPELET.LV if it is necessary to comply with our legal requirements, resolve disputes or enforce the agreement. SPELET.LV may anonymize Your Personal Data and retain this anonymized information indefinitely.


6.3. Data that are stored in backed-up copies are deleted after the end of a backup cycle. SPELET.LV ensures that appropriate safeguards are applied to the data in the backup. The copied data is not used or processed in any other means, and SPELET.LV deletes the data as soon as possible, i.e., after the end of SPELET.LV’s backup cycle. 



7.1. At any given moment You may exercise the following rights with respect to our processing of Your Personal Data by contacting us:


7.1.1. Right to access: you have the right to request access to any data that can be considered Your Personal Data. This includes the right to be informed on whether we process Your Personal Data, what Personal Data categories are being processed by us, and the purpose of our data processing.


7.1.2. Right to correct: you have the right to request that we correct any of Your Personal Data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.


7.1.3. Right to object: you have the right to object to certain processing of Your Personal Data, including, for example automated decision making based on Your Personal Data or in the cases of processing Your Personal Data based on our legitimate interests. 


7.1.4. Right to restrict the processing of Your Personal Data:  You have the right to request that we restrict the processing of Your Personal Data if you wish to: 1) object the lawfulness of the processing: 2) fix unlawful processing of Your Personal Data; 3) receive or avoid deletion of Your Personal Data for establishing or defending against legal claims; or 4) demand restriction of the processing until assessing the plausibility of SPELET.LV's legitimate interest in the specific processing activity.


7.1.5. Right to erasure: you may request Your Personal Data to be erased if they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, if you consider that the processing is unlawful or if you consider that Your Personal Data has to be erased to enable us to comply with a legal requirement.


7.1.6. Right to data portability: if Your Personal Data is being automatically processed with your consent or on the basis of a mutual contractual relationship, you may request that we provide you Your Personal Data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. Moreover, you may request that Your Personal Data is transmitted to another controller. Bear in mind that the latter can only be done if that is technically feasible.


7.1.7. Right to withdraw your consent: in cases where the processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent to such processing at any time.


7.1.8. Right to submit your claim with the supervisory authority: if you are not satisfied with our response to your request in relation to Your Personal Data or you believe that we are not processing Your Personal Data in accordance with the law, you can submit your claim with the Latvian Data Protection Inspectorate at [email protected] (



8.1. SPELET.LV discloses Your Personal Data to third parties only in accordance with this Policy, internal data processing policy and to persons authorized to process Personal Data, who have undertaken to observe confidentiality obligations or are the subject to appropriate statutory confidentiality according to applicable laws or if you have given consent to such disclosure. 

8.2. SPELET.LV does not transfer Your Personal Data outside of the European Union, however SPELET.LV reserves the right to transfer the Data outside European Union or European Economic Area if the respective operational services are provided outside the European Union or European Economic Area. We may choose to use special Personal Data protective measures to ensure the safety of Your Personal Data. You have the right to get acquainted with or obtain information on the transferring of Your Personal Data outside the European Union or European Economic Area and the safeguards implied thereof by contacting us using the contact information specified in this Policy. 




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